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Select Dental Office in Torrance offers a full spectrum of dental treatments from essential teeth cleanings to sophisticated cosmetic and restorative solutions. Our dedicated dental professionals focus on preventive measures and personalized care, ensuring every visit improves your oral health. View our service offerings to see how we can help you sustain a healthy, beautiful smile.


Achieve a flawless smile with our porcelain veneers. Designed for durability and aesthetics, veneers perfectly cover imperfections for a radiant smile.
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Perfect your smile with Invisalign, the clear and convenient alternative to braces. Ideal for adults and teens seeking a subtle way to straighten their teeth.
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Dental Cleanings

Maintain optimal oral health with our thorough dental cleanings. Our expert hygienists use the latest techniques to remove plaque, tartar, and stains.
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Teeth Whitening

Transform your smile with our advanced teeth whitening services. Safe, effective, and fast, achieve noticeable results in just one visit.
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Traditional Braces

Transform your smile with traditional braces. Ideal for correcting a wide range of orthodontic issues, providing reliable and effective results.
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Dental Exams

Stay on top of your oral health with our thorough dental exams. Our experienced dentists assess your teeth, gums, and mouth for any signs of issues.
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TMJ Treatments

Address pain and dysfunction in your jaw with our specialized TMJ treatments. Personalized care plans to improve jaw function and relieve discomfort.
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Repair cavities and restore your dental health with our durable, aesthetic fillings. Choose from a variety of materials to match your specific needs.
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Jaw Surgery

Correct structural issues and enhance facial balance with our precise jaw surgery procedures. Expert care for a better quality of life.
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Pediatric Crowns and Fillings

Restore and strengthen your child's teeth with our pediatric crowns and fillings, designed specifically for young smiles. Safe, effective, and kid-friendly.
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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Safely and comfortably remove your wisdom teeth with our experienced dental team. Prevent future dental issues with professional wisdom teeth extraction.
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Orthodontic Screening

Ensure your child’s teeth develop correctly with our pediatric orthodontic screening. Early detection can lead to simpler, more effective treatments.
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Dental Extractions

Remove damaged or problematic teeth safely with our expert dental extractions. Our skilled team ensures a comfortable experience and rapid recovery.
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Keep your teeth aligned and your smile perfect with our custom-designed retainers. Essential for post-orthodontic treatment maintenance.
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Explore our range of high-quality dentures designed for comfort, aesthetics, and function. Reclaim the ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.
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Dental Implants

Reclaim your smile’s functionality and aesthetics with dental implants from Select Dental Office. Experience a durable, permanent solution for missing teeth.
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Fluoride Treatment

Boost your oral health with our advanced fluoride treatments. Designed to prevent decay and strengthen tooth enamel, perfect for patients of all ages.
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Smile Makeovers

Enhance your smile and boost your confidence with our comprehensive smile makeover services. Tailored treatments for a stunning, natural-looking smile.
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Inlays and Onlays

Enhance your dental health with inlays and onlays, a conservative alternative to crowns. Perfect for repairing moderate decay or damage.
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Crowns and Bridges

Rebuild your smile with our custom-made crowns and bridges. Designed for strength, aesthetics, and longevity, they restore functionality and improve appearance.
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Efficiently repair chips, cracks, and gaps with tooth-colored materials for an improved smile. Our quick cosmetic bonding procedures are painless and offer immediate, durable results.
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Root Canal Therapy

Preserve your natural tooth and eliminate pain with our gentle root canal therapy. Our expert care ensures a comfortable experience and lasting results.
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Oral Cancer Screening

Stay proactive about your health with our oral cancer screenings. Quick, non-invasive, and potentially life-saving, conducted as part of routine dental visits.
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Dental Sealants

Shield your teeth from decay with our dental sealants treatment. Ideal for children and adults alike, sealants provide a preventive layer over enamel.
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Gum Grafting

Protect your teeth and enhance your smile with our gum grafting services. Designed to treat gum recession and prevent further dental complications.
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Crown Lengthening

Refine your smile's appearance and prepare for restorative procedures with our precise crown lengthening services. Achieve a more balanced, healthy smile.
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Gum Disease Treatment

Combat gum disease with our comprehensive treatment plans. From early gingivitis to advanced periodontitis, we help restore and maintain your gum health.
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First Visits

Welcome to Select Dental Office! Enjoy a stress-free first visit with comprehensive care and a personal touch to start your journey to oral health.
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Preventive Care for Children

Empower your child’s dental health with our comprehensive preventive care programs. From cleanings to sealants, we help protect young smiles.
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Scaling and Root Planing

Combat gum disease with scaling and root planing, a deep cleaning process that removes plaque and tartar from below the gum line to restore gum health.
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Oral Sedation

Experience a stress-free dental visit with our oral sedation options. Ideal for patients who experience anxiety or discomfort during dental procedures.
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Dental Abscess Treatment

Address pain and infection with our expert dental abscess treatment. We provide prompt, effective care to resolve infections and restore oral health.
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Repairing Broken Dentures

Restore the functionality and comfort of your dentures with our expert repair services. Fast, efficient, and dependable denture repair to keep you smiling.
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Emergency Extractions

Need urgent dental care? Our emergency extraction services provide swift relief for severe tooth pain or damage. Available when you need us most.
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General Anesthesia

Ensure a comfortable and anxiety-free dental experience with our general anesthesia options. Suitable for extensive treatments or dental anxiety.
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IV Sedation

Undergo dental procedures without anxiety with our IV sedation options. Perfect for patients who experience dental fear or require extensive treatments.
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Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Ease your dental anxiety with nitrous oxide sedation. Safe, effective, and quick to wear off, it’s ideal for a stress-free dental visit.
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Bone Grafting

Restore your jawbone's strength and prepare for dental implants with our advanced bone grafting procedures. Ensure successful, long-lasting dental implant results.
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Pain Management

Alleviate discomfort during and after dental procedures with our comprehensive pain management strategies. Tailored care for a comfortable experience.
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Toothaches (Emergency Care)

Experiencing a toothache? Don't wait in pain. Our emergency dental services provide quick relief and effective solutions to address your discomfort immediately.
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Laser Bacterial Removal

Utilize cutting-edge laser technology to eliminate harmful bacteria and enhance gum health. Safe, effective, and minimally invasive treatment.
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Cold Sore Laser Treatment

Experience fast and effective relief from painful cold sores with our cutting-edge laser treatment. Reduce healing time and recurrence with safe laser technology.
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Customer testimonials

Discover the experiences of our patients at Select Dental Office and see how we deliver on our promise of top-notch dental care and patient satisfaction.

After 35 years, I finally found a dental office that I feel comfortable going to! From the front desk employee Priscilla, to the dental hygienist Lucy, and Dr. Salo. Everyone I've encountered there so far has been super caring, attentive, informative, and takes their time on your care.

Amelia I

The office is clean and comfortable. The staff is amazing and make you feel very at ease when visiting. They do their best to do a quick and efficient job and work with you afterwards to make sure everything is okay, they even informed my husband on what needed to happen, which I really appreciated.

Alana M

Been with Dr. Salo for over 20 years. I was so afraid of the dentist but Dr Salo really helped ease my fears. Now I go regularly for all my dental needs. I LOVE how Dr Salo has changed my whole look and confidence.

Denise O

Dr. Salo and his team are amazing to say the least. I had an emergency situation that most offices would probably want to avoid and they not only took care of me same day, but also did an amazing job. Everyone in the office participates in patient care and satisfaction and they truly care about their patients' having a positive experience. I highly recommend them for any type of dental work-- especially root canals and bridges.

Jodie G

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