Bone Grafting

Restore your jawbone's strength and prepare for dental implants with our advanced bone grafting procedures. Ensure successful, long-lasting dental implant results.

Bone grafting is a crucial procedure for patients with insufficient bone tissue in their jaw, often necessary before placing dental implants. At Select Dental Office, we utilize cutting-edge bone grafting techniques to enhance the density and volume of your jawbone, ensuring a solid foundation for implant placement.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a surgical procedure that rebuilds bone through the transplantation of bone tissue. By restoring the bone to its previous form following bone loss or resorption, grafting helps maintain bone structure and integrity. This is essential for patients who want dental implants but do not have sufficient bone support.

The Bone Grafting Procedure:

  1. Assessment: An initial examination and imaging tests are conducted to evaluate the extent of bone loss and plan the procedure.
  2. Source Material: The graft may consist of bone from your own body, from a donor, or synthetic materials that encourage your body to rebuild bone naturally.
  3. Transplantation: The bone graft is placed into the areas where bone is missing, often under local anesthesia or sedation.
  4. Healing and Integration: Over time, the transplanted bone fuses with the existing bone, creating a stronger and more stable base.

Benefits of Bone Grafting:

  • Enables Dental Implant Placement: Bone grafting can create the necessary bone structure for implant placement, opening up this option for patients who otherwise would not qualify.
  • Improves Facial Structure: Loss of bone in the jaw can lead to facial sagging and premature aging; grafting helps maintain the natural shape of your face.
  • Prevents Further Bone Loss: The procedure not only adds to the bone mass but also stimulates natural bone growth, helping to prevent future resorption.

Why Choose Select Dental Office for Bone Grafting?

At Select Dental Office, we are committed to employing the most advanced technologies and methods in all our treatments. Our skilled dental surgeons perform bone grafting with precision and care, prioritizing your comfort and the success of your subsequent dental implant procedures. We offer comprehensive post-operative care and guidance to ensure optimal healing and outcomes.

If you're considering dental implants but have been told you lack the necessary bone density, bone grafting at Select Dental Office could be the solution. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out how bone grafting can help restore your smile's foundation and functionality.

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