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Dental Health Facts You Should Know! – Tips from an Oral Surgeon in Torrance

Jul 25, 2022
The benefits of visiting the dentist go far beyond simply brightening your smile. Our capacity to speak, eat, smile, and convey our emotions is impacted by our oral health.

Dental Health Facts You Should Know! – Tips from an Oral Surgeon in Torrance

The benefits of visiting the dentist go far beyond simply brightening your smile. Our capacity to speak, eat, smile, and convey our emotions is impacted by our oral health. Additionally, it has an impact on our social lives, self-esteem, work or school performance, and attendance. Thus, Select Dental Group & Orthodontics provides regular dental exams. Being considered the best oral surgeon in Torrance, we strive to provide the best dental care and customer service possible. We focus on maintaining not only good oral health but also a happy and healthy lifestyle in general.

Dental Health Facts You Should Know! – Tips from an Oral Surgeon in Torrance

Insights from an Oral Surgeon in Torrance on Dental Health

Here are 10 things your orthodontist wishes you knew about the teeth in order to have a positive dental examination that will make both you and your dentist smile.

  • Bacterial species

While the average person has between 34 and 72 distinct forms of bacteria in their mouth at any given moment, research has found that there are more than 700 different kinds of bacteria that are known to exist in human mouths. Most of these bacteria have no negative effects on our dental health, and some even help with digestion while protecting our teeth and gums. However, some bad bacteria can result in gum disease and tooth decay. The good news is that frequent brushing and flossing may easily control the bacteria in your mouth. Avoiding excessive sugar and starchy meals will prevent harmful bacteria since diet also has a significant effect on the promotion of some bacteria.

  • Bleeding gums

After brushing or flossing, bleeding gums or teeth is an indication of a low-grade infection. Gently washing the troubled area many times a day will aid in strengthening the gum tissue. If the bleeding persists, make an appointment right away by searching for the best dental clinic near me. The professionals at Select Dental Group & Orthodontics will assist you immediately and prevent your infection from getting worse.

  • Vigorous brushing

Think twice before violently brushing off the residue in the belief that you are doing your teeth a favor. Using a stiff toothbrush or exerting excessive pressure can cause harm to your teeth rather than good. There is a danger of removing the top layer of gum when we brush too vigorously. Your teeth become more susceptible to tooth decay if this layer is removed, exposing teeth to sugars and dangerous bacteria.

  • 2-3 minutes of brushing

You should only clean your teeth for a certain amount of time. 2-3 minutes is the optimum amount of time to brush. Anything more than that can begin to weaken our teeth and make them more susceptible to decay by wearing down the tooth enamel. Setting a timer is an effective approach to stay inside the allotted 2-3 minutes. Using a stopwatch app on your phone or tablet for 2 minutes is the best way to keep track of your regular brushing.

  • Improper flossing

Snapping or shoving dental floss up and between teeth is a common error people make during flossing. It could lead to cutting or brushing the sensitive tissue, which can damage the gums. Hence, it is important to floss in the right way. 

The best way is to gently curve the dental floss around each tooth’s base during flossing. Slide it along the tooth’s side, under the gum line, and then raise it back up. The oral surgeon in Torrance recommends practicing it daily to prevent gum diseases.

  • Tooth Decay in Children 

Children are more likely than adults to develop tooth decay on their baby teeth because the enamel is so much weaker and thinner. Popular children’s foods and beverages including soft drinks, snack bars, fruit juice, etc. are frequently high in sugar, which is another factor contributing to the rising rate of tooth decay in kids. Implementing appropriate oral hygiene practices and making sure your child consumes a well-balanced diet are the greatest ways to protect your child’s teeth. Don’t forget to schedule a six-month dental appointment for your youngster!

  • Toothbrush expiry

Though an unopened toothbrush never expires, once you open it and start using it, it becomes less effective with time. Even bacterias are found on toothbrushes. Hence, make sure to replace your toothbrush every 12 weeks or so. But don’t only adhere to the 12-week rule; replace your brush as soon as you see it starting to smell or appear worn.

  • Smile and diet

Your smile is greatly influenced by your diet. Sugar isn’t the only food that contributes to gum disease or tooth decay. There are some surprisingly “healthy” foods, like lemons, grapefruit, or pickles that can actually be bad for our teeth. These foods have a high acidity level, which over time can cause tooth decay.

Conversely, you should include foods like leafy greens, or apples in your diet since they are good for your teeth.

  • Poor hygiene

Your whole health may suffer as a result of poor dental hygiene. Numerous illnesses, including diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and more have a connection to poor oral health. Simply put, the mouth serves as your body’s entrance. Poor dental hygiene has allowed germs and nasty bacteria to accumulate in our mouths, which can enter our bodies through the bloodstream and put a variety of pressures on our health. Because of this, it’s crucial to include daily oral hygiene practices for both your dental health and your general health and wellbeing.

Dental Health Facts You Should Know! – Tips from an Oral Surgeon in Torrance

  • Dental visits and consultancy

Every six months, you should visit the dentist. According to the best oral surgeon in Torrance, recommendations call for two dental visits per year to maintain optimum oral health. When it comes to oral care, regular dental checkups enable your dentist to keep your mouth clean and healthy while also spotting early signs of disease. The general belief that prevention is superior to cure holds true here. At Select Dental Group & Orthodontics, we are committing to providing each patient with high-quality care and building connections with them.

We think dentistry involves much more than just a bright smile. So, set up a consultation with us right away!