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Everything about two common dental surgery procedures

Jul 21, 2022
Dental treatments are not just tricky but also expensive. Slight negligence can lead to severe pains and sleepless nights. Furthermore, if dental care is ignored for a long time it can lead to you losing your tooth.

Everything about two common dental surgery procedures

Dental treatments are not just tricky but also expensive. Slight negligence can lead to severe pains and sleepless nights. Furthermore, if dental care is ignored for a long time it can lead to you losing your tooth. Now that the dental concerns are so severe that it means you need to look for an office like Torrance dental care.

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Two important dental surgery procedures:

Now, within dentistry, there are numerous surgical and non-surgical procedures that improve your dental health. We believe that having the right information helps a patient in making the right decision. Within dental surgeries, there are two relevant procedures that every person facing dental issues must know. These are as follows:

  • Endodontics

For anyone in severe pain and very old dental issues, endodontics is the procedure they need. Basically, endodontics covers all the surgeries that involve the root and pulp of teeth. When there is acute dental pain, treating the root cause is necessary. Within this type of dental surgery, there are several procedures like:

  • Root Canal – One of the most popular and common dental procedures is a root canal. In case of severe tooth decay, a root canal is the best solution. Root canal surgery is an endodontic procedure where the dentist or endodontist performs surgery to repair a sick or damaged tooth that has the root exposed. To ease discomfort and save a tooth from extraction, removal of the inflammatory tooth pulp and tooth root from beneath the enamel and dentin is the appropriate solution. This is usually a painful procedure that may require more than one visit to your dentist. 
  • Pulpotomy – Is step one towards root canals. It entails accessing the pulp chamber of the tooth in order to drain the infection. More precisely, it removes the diseased pulp while leaving the entirety of the pulp alone. This eliminates the need to do a complete root canal treatment. Pulpotomy helps in preserving the healthy portion of a tooth. As a result, several patients prefer to opt for a pulpotomy before going for a root canal procedure.
  • Pulpectomy – This treatment includes temporarily removing all of the material inside of the pulp chamber for pain alleviation. A pulpectomy is useful when pulpotomy isn’t a possibility and the entire pulp of the tooth has an infection, inflammation, and disease. In this procedure, the canals get treated and cleaned after removal.
  • Apicoectomy – When comprehensive root canal surgery (along with the installation of unmoving material and a prosthetic crown) is insufficient to cure discomfort, this procedure is extremely useful. This procedure that starts at the end of the root includes surgically taking the unhealthy material from the top or bottom of the root into the gums. Apicoectomy is one procedure that sometimes uses a microscope for accuracy.
  • Prosthodontics

Anything relating to dental prosthetics or prosthetic tooth replacement forms a part of prosthodontics. In this dental surgery procedure, there are various ways using which the dentist improves the appearance of teeth. For anyone wanting to have a perfect smile, all you need is the prosthodontics procedures. This dental surgery type one require any of the following procedures:

  • Crowns – Crowns is another term popular amongst the general public. The crowns are useful in covering a damaged tooth. They are made up of different materials that are compatible, like a tin or gold and aluminum combination, CMC/PMC (ceramic/porcelain metal composite), etc, and are useful for creating artificial tooth covers. For proper accommodation of the crown the underlying tooth requires the right alteration.
  • Veneers – These are artificial covering similar to the crown, except it just covers the front outer layer of the teeth. Because veneers work on only the front surface of a tooth, these are useful for smile makeovers. Commonly, the veneers don’t replace or reinforce your tooth’s teeth-biting powers. So basically, they’re there mostly for aesthetic purposes.
  • Bridge – If a dentist has pulled multiple teeth, leaving a large gap in the middle of the remaining teeth, a bridge can be used to bridge the gap. A bridge is a fixed set of prosthetic teeth in a row arrangement. It features two or more crowns that are linked. They use “posts” to hold a lost tooth (or multiple) in place.
  • Implant – In some cases, implants are helpful instead of modifying surrounding teeth to put a prosthetic bridge over the top of them as well as the tooth extraction site. Implants are studs made out of titanium that is surgically implanted into the bone as well as the socket where your tooth or teeth once resided.
  • Dentures – These are false teeth known as dentures, either partial or complete. They are very similar to dental bridges in terms of attachment to the neighboring teeth. Unlike bridges, though, you won’t have to modify any of your teeth. Plastic or metal crowns are a must to fasten these prosthetic appliances to your teeth.
  • Implant – Supported Prosthetics – Implants and dentures are combined in a surgery setting. Rather than using neighboring teeth as studs or supports for the dental bridge, the dentist will surgically place implants on both sides of the gaps.

Everything about two common dental surgery procedures

In conclusion:

Your dental health and appearance play a key role in the long run. Just like you need a regular health check-up for your body, there is definitely a need for a regular dental check-up. The Select Dental Office is a perfect place for all your varying dental needs. Whether it is a regular check-up or dental surgery our team is highly experienced in all arenas. Hence, stop worrying about your dental concerns. Quickly book an appointment with us for the best dental services.